Kidney Stones Melt Away with Coconut Water

The most interesting part of my current path is the discoveries of all the good in the world, that we have options, that there are people out there working so hard to bring us the good. The most intriguing part is how those closest to us listen the least.

 So today we talk about kidney stones, something a dear friend has just told me he is experiencing approximately every 3 years. Other articles have been about cancer and other issues, from which a few I know suffer. Today I ASK YOU TO LISTEN. Coconut has no negative effect on us, only good effect – so what can you lose by trying it? It has to be easier than the pain I see you all going through and, at the very least, it will improve SOMETHING, which has to be a better place than where you are now.

From the book “Coconut Cures – Preventing & Treating Common Health Problems with Coconut” by Bruce Fife ND (with foreword Conrado S Dayrit MD) – pages 146 – 147 & page 226

Pages 146 – 147

“Urinary & Reproductive Systems

Coconut water has long been known for its therapeutic effect on the urinary and reproductive systems. It is reported to clear bladder infections, remove kidney stones and improve sexual vitality. Medical research has shown consumption of coconut water to be very effective in dissolving kidney stones. (ref: Macalalag, E.V., Jr. and Macalalag, A.L. Bukolysis: young coconut water renoclysis for urinary stone dissolution Int Surg 1987;72(4):247). Dr Eugenio Macalalag, director of the urology department at the Chinese General Hospital in the Phillipines, says that coconut water has demonstrated its effectiveness in patients suffering from kidney and urethral stone problems. His patients have even been able to suspend dialysis treatment after regular oral intake of coconut water. In the Phillipines coconut water is commonly known as buko juice. Dr Macalalag has also reported success in patients by directly infusing the water into the kidneys. He calls the treatment bukolysis. A saying that has now become popular in the Phillipines is: ‘A coconut a day keeps the urologist away’.

Coconut water injected through urethral catheters inserted up to where the stones are lodged (bukolysis) has resulted in significant daily decrease in size, disintegration of the stones, and expulsion without the need for surgery. Even by oral intake coconut water, taken 2 or 3 times a week, has been observed to result in significant size reduction of kidney stones within a short time. Macalalag reports that, of his 1,670 patients who were recurrent stone formers and who took buko therapy, only 13 percent had recurrence of stones in a 10-year period, and the stones were small and passed out easily. Coconut water therapy is so effective that kidney stone patients are spared going through expensive medical procedures. Dr Macalalag jokingly complains that because of this he has suffered from … “acute income deficiency syndrome”.

Coconut water is a natural diuretic so it increases urine flow. This helps to dilute the urine so that stones are less likely to form and helps to flush existing stones out. It is also helpful in preventing bladder infections.

Not only does coconut water clean out the urinary tract, it revitalises the reproductive system. Coconut water from fresh green coconuts is reputed to increase libido and enhance performance. No need for Viagra here; coconut water will keep you young and virile”

So there’s an added benefit you may not have expected – or maybe a warning for those who already have all the children they planned for! 

Page 226 (within the “Remedies: A – Z Reference” section)

“Kidney Stones

Drink 16 ounces (0.473 litres) or more a day of coconut water. In addition, consume at least six 8-ounce (0.236 litres) glasses of pure water and 1 teaspoon of sea salt daily. Salt can be added to food or water. Take a capsule of cayenne pepper with each meal.”

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